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ArePA George was founded in late 2017, by siblings Juan and Nathalie Betancourt. A dynamic duo who fused the authentic taste of Colombian food with a twist of gluten-free and vegan options, all to give the full experience of tasting the essence of Colombian cuisine

Their mission is to bring those "back home" to the dishes of their native land and newcomers to enjoy the essence in one plate.  

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1552 North Kedzie

Chicago, Illinois 60651

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Tuesday- Saturday 
11am - 8pm



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Journey Along Chicago's Empanada Tr.

We’re off to Humboldt Park for our next stop, where Juan Betancourt and his family serve Colombian-style arepas. They’re great, but it’s the empanadas (and milkshakes) that keep me coming me back. Colombian empanadas are very traditional across the country — they tend to be smaller in size and filled with shredded beef or chicken, and they’re almost exclusively made with yellow corn dough. Typically, they’re served grab-and-go, but what sets ArePa George’s empanadas apart is.."

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